Def mission la casa

On January 21, 1811 Las Casas, a retired militia captain from Nuevo Santander led a group of army sergeants at Presidio San Antonio de Bexar to stage a coup in San Antonio . The following morning they arrested the governor of Spanish Texas , Manuel María de Salcedo , and his entire military staff. Even as Salcedo was led to detention however, the rebellious soldiers instinctively saluted him. [3] Las Casas chained Salcedo, Simón de Herrera , the governor of Nuevo Santander who was living in San Antonio, and twelve other Spanish officers and humilitiated them in front of the town. The prisoners were then transferred to Monclova in Coahuila. [4]

Def Mission La CasaDef Mission La CasaDef Mission La CasaDef Mission La Casa